Free Fall Calculator (Distance, Time and Velocity)

Free fall calculator calculates the free fall distance (h), velocity (v) and time (t) of a free-falling object in physics. The effect of air resistance on the falling object is ignored .

Free Fall Calculator

Free Fall Calculator

Formulas used in the free fall calculator are given below.

Free Fall Formulas

If free fall time (t) is known;

\(h=\frac { 1 }{ 2 } g{ t }^{ 2 }\)

If free fall distance (h) is known;

\(t=\sqrt { \frac { 2h }{ g } }\)
\(v=\sqrt { \ { 2gh } }\)

If free fall velocity (v) is known;

\(h={ v }^{ 2 }/g\)

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