Average Speed Formula: Position vs Time PlotThe average speed is defined as the total distance traveled divided by the time that it takes to travel that distance. Average speed formula is:

\(average{ \quad  }speed=\frac { distance\quad traveled }{ time{ \quad  }elapsed }\)

Speed is a scalar quantity and it does not have a direction assigned to it. Speed is simply a positive number or zero but not a negative number.

In physics, there is a big difference between speed and velocity. The average velocity between t1 and t5 is 0 but the average speed is not.

What is the distance that the object travels between time t1 and time t5? The total distance traveled between time t1 and time t5 is shown in Figure 3. The average speed is the total distance traveled between t1 and t5 divided by t5 minus t1.

\(average{ \quad  }speed=\frac { { d }_{ AB }+{ d }_{ BC }+{ d }_{ CD }+{ d }_{ DE } }{ { t }_{ 5 }-{ t }_{ 1 } } \)


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